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Kelly Swingler – Burnout Prevention Strategist

By mars 8, 2023Viðburðir

Dagur: 21. mars 2023

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Kelly Swingler, Burnout Prevention Strategist and Coach, International Speaker & Author fjallar um:

„Why HR needs to prioritise their own wellbeing and three ways to prevent burnout“

Burnout is Chronic Stress; it takes a long time to show up and a long time to heal from it.
Forbes reported in 2022 that 98% of HR Professionals had experienced or were experiencing Burnout, and it’s probably no surprise given the pressure on the sector over the last few years.
Yet with HR giving their all to the people in their organisations who is looking after HR?  And what can HR do to help themselves, and prioritise their own wellbeing, so that Burnout isn’t the next epidemic in HR.

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