Bringing your values out to play – Vinnustofa með Debru Corey

By January 14, 2020Viðburðir

Dagur: 10. mars 2020

Tími: 8:30-12:30

Staður: Hótel Oddsson á Grensásvegi.


Bringing your values out to play.
This workshop will give attendees a deep dive into company values, discovering  strategies, solutions and best practices that you can take back to your company to  ensure you have the ‘right’ values and that you’re ‘bringing them out to play’ in the  most effective way.
Debra Corey will explain how your values can and should be used as a tool to help your  business succeed, covering the following:
● Discover the power that the ‘right’ values can have at your company.
● Learn the seven steps for discovering your values – either for the first time or to  ensure that what you currently have is ‘right’.
● Learn how to bring your values out to play at key employee experience  touchpoints – hiring, onboarding, recognition, performance management.
● Learn how to keep your values alive in different ways.
● Hear real-life stories of what leading companies have done to discover and bring  their values out to play.
● Get tips to help you go back and immediately make a difference at your company.
● Get a copy of Debra’s best-selling book, ​Bringing Your Values Out to Play

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