Communicating with IMPACT – Masterclass með Debru Corey (90 min)

By January 14, 2020Viðburðir

10. mars 2020
Tími: 13:00-14:30
Verð: 17.000 kr. 

Staður: Hótel Oddsson við Grensásveg


This masterclass will introduce attendees to the IMPACT™ communication model, an approach that will help you communicate effectively with your workforce to create impact and action.

Debra will cover the following:
The importance of communication to your business and to your workforce.

  • How you can develop your communications strategy and approach.
  • How to follow the six-step IMPACT communication model to deliver your communication messages effectively.
  • How you can communicate to a diverse workforce.
  • Hear real-life stories of what companies have done to achieve their communication objectives.

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