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Being an engagement rebel – Vinnstofa með Debru Corey

By January 14, 2020February 29th, 2020Viðburðir

Dagur: 11. mars 2020

Tími: 8:30-12.30

Staður: Landsvirkjun, Háaleitisbraut 68, 103 Reykjavík.


This workshop will give attendees a deep dive into The Engagement Bridge™ and the employee engagement strategies used by the world’s leading organizations.

Debra will explain how you can start a bridge building project at your organization in order to give you the competitive advantage, covering the following:

  • Discover the impact an engaged workforce can have at your company.
  • Learn how to be an engagement ‘rebel’, challenging the status quo, and helping you stand out as a great place to work.
  • Hear real-life stories of what rebels have done around the world in a variety of engagement areas.
  • Get tips to help you go back and immediately make a difference at your company.
  • Get a copy of my best-selling book, ​Build it: The Rebel Playbook for Employee Engagement​.

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